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28 August 2020 Russian singer-songwriter Christina Andrews’ debut single in stores now.

Russian singer-songwriter Christina Andrews’ debut single in stores now.

Russian singer-songwriter Christina Andrews'

debut single entitled "Your Love" out now.

Christina Andrews
Your Love Cover Art

Your Love is a melodic love story from the ever-rising, multi-talented singer songwriter Christina Andrews, AKA Xtina Andrews. She is a full-fledged professional soprano range singer, and has been performing at festivals and events around her native country of Russia.
As a professional dancer, she has always been deeply connected with music and rhythm.


Your Love is her debut single, and is released on the music network portal MegaVibe Network.


The song has a ‘neon-blitzed’ 80s vibe with infused modern elements, as the album cover implies, and is focused around a love fantasy unravelling itself into one’s mind’s eye when taking a clandestine liking to someone. Without the intention of making your feelings known to your amour, you indulge in a sweet torture for as long as the DJ is playing your favorite song, as it makes your imagination run like a thousand wild horses setting your smitten heart virtually “on fire”.


Christina’s vision for the song was that it should be heavily 80s inspired and that is what drove the production the whole way through. She is a huge aficionado of this retro revival zeitgeist and the way modern music can extract those vibes in new ways.


It is a strong future bass influenced pop song, and it has many layers that are inspired by Christina’s profound musical vision and Starmist’s unique music production style. It includes a roaring section where the intro just transforms into a bass-loaded frenzy, which makes it truly distinguishing. The song also has an organ part which makes it very ethereal and you are left with a floating sense before returning to the drops and full on beat. When it comes to the production guidelines for the track, the electronic vibe is felt throughout as an additive or spicing on top of the classic style.


These ‘neon-blitzed’ vibes, combined with Christina’s powerful soulful vocal arrangement, is truly an enjoyable music inspiration. This new style of retro electro future bass is relatively new, and Christina’s message with her music is an attempt to combine the contrasts together to form a wholeness, and to convey that in a genuine way. It is almost like a way to sum up being a human in its purest form, and express it with musical elements instead of emotions. Christina is open to experimenting different elements across genres.

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